Monapel Aqua swimming diaper

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Monapel Aqua swimming diaperMonapel Aqua swimming diaper
Monapel Aqua swimming diaper

The Monapel Aqua swimming diaper was especially designed for children still wearing diapers. Its practical form prevents dirt getting into the water. We suggest using it at pools or on the beach. On the beach, it also prevents dirt to get close to the body openings. Its light weight and tailored form makes it fit perfectly. It dries quickly because of its unique, special design textile.

S: 3-6 kg
M: 6-11 kg
L: 10-18 kg
XL: 17-24 kg

Manufacturer: Monapel
Made in: Hungary
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Product description


The Monapel Aqua swimming diapers closes with Velcro, so it can be set depending on the baby’s belly size. The waste has an elastic part, so it is comfortable. It can be tied on the front, preventing it from opening by itself or by the child. At the same time, the Velcro allows us to take the dirty diapers off easily, without having to pull off the diaper. The unique leg openings and the elastic parts make the diaper fit perfectly on the thighs.


Composition: 100% polyester colourful, water repellent material and 100% polyester net lining with 100% cotton hemming. The material is designed for the purpose extra lightweight material that dries quickly, and that prevents dirt from getting into the water. The lining makes the diaper hold its contents completely.


It is easy to put Monapel Aqua on the baby. The Velcro should be closed and the strings should be knotted. It can be quickly and easily changed when needed.


If dirt gets into the diaper, it shall be rinsed. The diaper can be washed on 40°C in a washing machine. If the diaper remains clean, it is enough to rinse it just like one would do with a bathing suit. After use, it shall be rinsed as soon as possible, as it shall not be left wet. The Velcro shall be closed when washing. It shall not be washed with detergent that may contain chlorine or whitener. It mustn’t be ironed or out in a dryer!


S 3-6 kg
M 6-11 kg
L 10-18 kg
XL 17-24 kg


Monapel swimming diapers are available in red, green, dark blue and pink with different, playful hems.

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Environmental information
Recyclable paper and PP plastic. Please recycle!
Environmental advantages:

Small scale produced washable diaper. Cloth diapers are long-lasting, economical, and eco-friendly products, that can serve many children. By using these, you save huge amounts of waste, in contrast of disposable diapers.