Monapel MonaWrap Plus one size diaper cover

Monapel MonaWrap Plus one size diaper coverMonapel MonaWrap Plus one size diaper cover

One size fits all diaper covers.

Can be used from newborn till the end of diapering. (3 kg - 15 kg).

Manufacturer: Monapel
Made in: Hungary
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Product description
Monapel diapers provide absorbency within the system of Monapel diapers. To prevent leaking, watertight MonaWrap is to be used. The outer part shall be worn outside the diaper. These are made of special, watertight yet breathing material. Monapel outer diapers are made of PVC-free material.


MonaWrap is a watertight trouser that closes with Velcro. It is made of watertight, but breathing, soft and smooth material. The Velcro helps adjusting it to the baby’s size. The elastic part on the back makes it comfortable and perfectly fitting.

The wide Velcro tape secures the outer part safely. Because of the specially tailored leg openings and thigh elastics, it closes tight. The hem is soft, smooth and watertight, preventing getting the baby’s clothing wet.

Plus 3-15 kg (one size)


The MonaWrap outer diaper is made of special watertight and breathing material. We use only the state of the art material designed for our purposes. Composition: 55% polyester, 45% polyurethane. The diaper is watertight, breathing, anti-bacterial, certified ECO textile. Skin- and baby-friendly product.


The MonaWrap outer diaper should be used with the Monapel diaper as a watertight cover. The MonaWrap shall be worn outside. The diaper should not stick out from under. We can tuck it under with our fingers to prevent leaking.

The outer parts are not necessary to wash every time we change the baby. If the baby only peed it, it is enough to wipe it clean with a wet wipe and let it dry. It can be used next time we change the baby, so it can be washed at the end of the day, or at any convenient time.


As it is easy to clean and dries quickly, 4-5 smaller ones, 3-4 bigger ones are enough.


The breathability of the material is ensured by the special coating on the inside. That is why these diaper covers shall not be washed with abrasive detergents that contain chlorine, nor should they be scrubbed or wringed, or exposed to high heat (heater, direct sun, etc.).They must not be dry cleaned, ironed or bleached!

The diaper outer parts can be washed on 40°C with chlorine-free detergents. They can be washed on 60°C as well, but lower temperature (for example 40°C) and hand-wash helps extending their lifespan. Drip dries quickly after rinsing. Dries even faster after patting the water away, laid in between two towels. Close the Velcro when machine wash! It is suggested placing the diaper covers in a washing net when machine wash.

Most detergents are suitable for cleaning the diaper covers. Our eco-friendly washing tips can be found under Washing tips. When opening the Velcro, hold the longer one in one hand and the shorter one in the other. Do not pull too tight on the baby.


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Environmental information

Recyclable paper and PP plastic. Please recycle!
Environmental advantages:

Small scale produced washable diaper. Cloth diapers are long-lasting, economical, and eco-friendly products, that can serve many children. By using these, you save huge amounts of waste, in contrast of disposable diapers.