Csimota water proof diaper cover

Csimota water proof diaper coverCsimota water proof diaper cover

Adjustable diaper cover with snaps, PUL (polyurethane laminate).

Manufacturer: Csimota
Made in: Hungary
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Product description

The colors of the snaps may differ in time.

The diaper is hemmed with polyester + elastane flexible elastics (hourglass), so it won't let out any liquid, and closes well.
It is adjustable with snaps. The elastics on the waist and legs are help to fasten and suit well. 


PUL (polyurethane laminate) interlock cloth 80% cotton, 20% poliester. Can be washed up to 95 °C.


Size I. is for 3,5-9 kg (S-M) waistline: 40-50 cm, length: 44-48 cm
Size II. is for 8,5- 15 kg (M-L) waistline: 45-55 cm, length: 47-52cm

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Environmental information

Package-free product.
Environmental advantages:

Small scale produced washable diaper. Cloth diapers are long-lasting, economical, and eco-friendly products, that can serve many children. By using these, you save huge amounts of waste, in contrast of disposable diapers.