We run on renewable energy!

From January 2017 our stores and website use renewable energy. Our electricity comes from the first Hungarian wind energy plant in Kulcs. We feel great about this decision, because now our customers can be sure that our electricity is as green as our products.

If you have ever talked to the members of the Ecoizm Team you know it for sure, that we take our mission seriously. Our everyday decisions are based on the goal to lower our company's ecological footprint. Choosing to go renewable was one of these decisions, and we are proud to support the clean energy revolution!

Since January 1 2017 we buy the electricity from Kulcs the first Hungarian wind energy plant. 


What does it mean that we buy our electricity from there? When you want to buy energy, you cannot actually tell which plant produced it, therefore the EU has a special market mechanism to certify where you bought it from. The guarantee of origin is an official certificate from the plant, you can find ours here >>>

The guarantee of origin is a certificate regulated by EU law, so only the energy that have been actually produced can be bought this way. This is a market mechaninsm helping the spread of renewable energy.

The wind energy plant in Kulcs started to work in 23th of May 2001, which makes it the first Hungarian plant connected to the power network. It has 600 kW nominal output, and is situated in an orchard on 166 meters.

Watch the view from the plant where we buy our energy! :)
> 360° picture

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