New design, new features!

We've reached a major milestone in the history of! Our new website comes with several innovative features, that will help you choose the best options, and maintain a green lifestyle.

Loyalty program

We are happy to introduce you to our new loyalty progam. You will get discounts according to your orders in the past 5 years. How does this work? We automatically deduct the discount according to the sum of your purchases since July 2012. As a new customer, you can enjoy the benefits from your second order. This will make implementing a green lifestyle simpler than ever. You can find all the details here.


Our range of products have many different environmental advantages. We created the ecolabel feature to visualize and make them more apparent at first glance. Our goal is to share the most information with you about the products, and this will help you compare them according to your preferences. Some of the symbols are the official labels of third-party certifications, others we created, as there was no common certificate for those qualities. Do you prefer to buy palm oil free detergents, or vegan, cruelty free cosmetics? Are you seeking a zero waste lifestyle? The ecolabels will make it easy to choose according to your needs.

Simpler search engine

While browsing through products, you will see a search bar on the left. Choose according to your preferences easily. The labels help sorting by function and other features like skin type, purpose of a cleaning product, or detergents for different colors. You can also list  products here by origin of country, price, and the ecolabels mentioned earlier.

New Magazine

We carefully edit our Magazine to make green living easy for everyone by sharing knowledge and information of all sorts. Tags and a search bar on the right will help you explore all the themes we covered on the new site.

Up-to-date stock and delivery information

99% of our products are on stock all the time, but you don't have to worry anymore, whether the one you want to order is in the remaining 1% or not. You can find the stock information and even an estimate of delivery time in the product info page. You have to know that these serve informational purposes only, and some errors may occur.

Use your Facebook account for logging in

Signing up and logging in have never been easier! You can use your Facebook account for signing up and logging in from now on, which is faster and simpler than before. You need to fill in less info, and with a hit of a button you will be automatically signed in.