BlessYou Handkerchiefs - For Women

BlessYou Handkerchiefs - For WomenBlessYou Handkerchiefs - For Women
BlessYou Handkerchiefs - For WomenBlessYou Handkerchiefs - For WomenBlessYou Handkerchiefs - For Women

Excellent quality 100% cotton handkerchiefs, made with love and care! :-)

Eco-friendly, low-cost, soft and stylish!

Manufacturer: BlessYou
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 3 pcs/set
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Product description

Those who go against globalization and disposable consumer culture by biking, eating local, etc., can do so by choosing handkerchiefs too!

Using handkerchiefs is not only zero-waste and low-cost, but very practical too! They are soft, so they are gentle for the nose, and they won't tear from usage.

"I smell snow!" set:

These soft patterned hankerchiefs will create a winter feeling in an instant!

The set contains three handkerchiefs:
- one beige with a house

- one polka dotted turquise

- one plain white

"Lavender" set:

For lavender fans...
The set contains three handkerchiefs:

- beige colored with lavender print

- white colored with lavender print

- purple colored with white polka dots

"Rose" set:

This beautiful set is not only practical, but also elegant and can accesorize your outfit well.

The set contains three handkerchiefs:

- white colored with rose print on it

- white colored with small red polka dots

- plain beige colored

"Reindeer" set:

The set contains three handkerchiefs:

- one grey with reindeer pattern

- one white with black polka dots

- one elegant plain claret

They are also great as napkins for the festive dinner table!

Size: 33x33 cm.

When paper tissues became popular, cotton handkerchiefs started to be considered old fashioned products. But this is something that should change, because the paper alone have huge environmental impact, which gets worse if we count the packages too.In contrast, textile handkerchiefs are durable, and if you take good care of them, even your grandchildren can use them. For washing we recommend eco-friendly detergents like soapnuts and washing soda. Oh and by the way: no more pieces of paper all over your clothes, if you forgot to empty your pockets! :)Why choose cotton handkerchiefs?

- they are cheaper
- more eco-friendly
- gentler on the nose
- more practical
- and way cooler!

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Environmental information


Recyclable paper band. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

100% cotton, durable product. Eco-friendly and waste-free alternative to disposable paper tissues.