Shamo beechwood spoon

Shamo beechwood spoonShamo beechwood spoon

By using this beechwood spoon you can refuse disposable cutlery when eating at any fast food or streetfood stand. It can also be useful when camping.

Manufacturer: Shamo bags
Made in: Hungary
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Product description

This beechwood spoon is ideal for camping, picnic or even for everyday life. This is not only a better feeling to use an item made of natural material instead of a disposable plastic piece, but the environment also benefits from it.

For the first time you might find the shape and the material peculiar, but you can get used to it quickly and love it. Due to the small weight you can easily carry it with you while hiking. Feel free to use the wood cutlery for hot food as no harmful materials get released nor does it get hot like iron cutlery. With time it gains a bit of patina, just like the cooking spoon, but it only makes them more beautiful. When you cannot use it any longer, you can compost it.

Each piece is handmade, so there might be small differences between the picture and the actual item. For example the veining of the wood, the tone or even the shape might differ slightly, but this is the beauty of handmade products.

The cutlery has been treated with oil so that the color would not change even when eating for tomato, beetroot, etc. It is recommended to oil the cutlery from time to time. Cooking oil is ideal for such a purpose.

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More information

Material: beechwood, made in Hungary, within ethical working conditions, from local material

Size: cc. 18,5-19 cm

Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

Zero waste solution, an alternative for disposable cutlery and is fully compostable. This saves a huge amount of resources.