Wheat Bran Plates - 24 cm Plate

Wheat Bran Plates - 24 cm PlateWheat Bran Plates - 24 cm Plate
Wheat Bran Plates - 24 cm PlateWheat Bran Plates - 24 cm Plate

100% compressed wheat bran plate without any additives.

Biodegrades in 30 days in your compost pile.

You can take a bite, it's all edible! ;)

For those occasions when reusable is not an option, this is the second best solution!

Manufacturer: Biotrem
Made in: Poland
Packaging: 10 pcs
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Product description

The disposable wheat bran tableware is suitable for serving hot and cold meals. It can be safely used in classic ovens or microwave ovens. The products are robust and stable – you can comfortably and safely use them at home, on a picnic, in the bar, during the open-air even or in the restaurant. Since the plates and bowls are made from clean edible wheat bran, you can safely take bite and eat them.

Only all-natural, clean wheat bran is used for the production, without any artificial ingredients. 

  • 100% natural, 0% additives
  • The wheat bran is compressed and treated with heat to make it durable.
  • Suitable for hot food and liquids too
  • Can be used in conventional and microwave ovens
  • Don't use it on heat higher than 180 °C
  • In the microwave oven don't use it on a higher setting than 750 W
  • Robust and durable
  • Takes only 30 days to biodegrade
  • It's so pure, you can eat it!
  • Contains gluten
  • Designed for short-term contact with processed and unprocessed food. In case of longer contact, the flavour of bran may slightly penetrate the meal.
  • Not suitable for serving fizzy drinks, hot tea or coffee, or hot instant soups.
  • Please, serve  warm meals up to 15 minutes prior to consumption.
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Products manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice and industrial hygienic standards meet the articles intended for food contact according to Regulation EC 1935/2004 EP and the European Council of 27 October 2004, and Food Safety Management System according to BRCstandards. Products are certified for compostability.


Contains wheat, wheat derivatives, wheat gluten.

INGREDIENTS: 100% wheat bran.


Store in dry and covered rooms; keep away from wet, excessive humidity and direct sun rays, or other weather conditions.

Recommended storage temperature up to 25 C degrees.

Admissible humidity up to 75%.


100% biodegradable.

Recommended disposal through composting, or through waste.

Environmental information


Recyclable paper and PE plastic foil. Please recycle after use! 

Environmental advantages:

100% natural, biodegradable alternative of disposable plastic plates. You can compost it at home, or even eat it, so no waste gets to the landfills. Made in Europe.

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