Ecoizm Recycled Plastic Trash Bag

Ecoizm Recycled Plastic Trash BagEcoizm Recycled Plastic Trash Bag
Ecoizm Recycled Plastic Trash BagEcoizm Recycled Plastic Trash Bag

Recycled polyethylene plastic garbage bags in several sizes.

Made of plastic collected and processed in Hungary.

100% recycled, without any coloring!

Manufacturer: Ecoizm
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 25 pcs./roll
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35x45cm (10 liter)53x60cm (35 liter)64x71cm (60 liter)70x110cm (120 liter)
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Product description

Strong Ecoizm trashbags made of recycled materials.

The bags are made in Budapest from locally collected plastic waste.

Why we think recycled plastic is the right choice

Our goal is to help zero waste living in every possible way. But until our collective efforts to reduce waste doesn't reach their maximum - which means no waste generated in our society - we have to do something with the enormous amount of collected recyclables. Because recycling is only reasonable if we use the secondary resources to manufacture good, useful products. And it is best to do that locally, as transporting the materials across continents have its own ecological footprint.

Many people are looking for biodegradable bags, but in the landfill even easily biodegradable materials aren't able to break down because of the oxygen-free environment. This means there's no clear ecological advantage, yet it takes valuable resources like land and water to manufacture them. In contrast to manufacture recycled bags there's plenty of plastic available from municipal waste recycling programs.

If you've reached the point in zero waste living where you don't need a garbage bag, congratulations! If you can avoid the use, by all means do that! But if you still need a garbage bag, we belive recycled is the way to go!

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More information

Free from colorings.

Material: recycled polyethylene (REG-PE)

Thickness: 12 microns

Environmental information


Recyclable paper tag. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Made of plastic collected and recycled locally.