Bee-friendly flower seed mix

Bee-friendly flower seed mixBee-friendly flower seed mix

Summer annual flower seed mix for bees and other pollinators.

Welcome all the pollinators in your garden by planting these seeds! :)

Manufacturer: Rédei Kertimag LTD.
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 20 g/packet
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Product description

For bees and other helpful insects. The most effective pollinators of flowering plants are bees (honey bee, bumble bee) and butterflies.

One third of the food we eat is produced with the help of bees. The worldwide collapse of bee colonies puts pollinating and agriculture at risk. Bees need our help, because they get less pollen due to the expansion of monocultures. These bee-friendly flowers grow 60-120 cm high, providing food for our protegee all year round.

Plant these seeds in a sunny corner of your garden supply the pollinators with nectare. It will also attract the natural enemies of pests.

Water the plants to increase nectare yield. Dig it in the soil in the fall, so it can nourish the soil. Sometimes the seeds in the plant can germinate and plant itself.

Tip: Make a DIY insect hotel in a calm corner of your garden from perforated bricks, reed, tiles and sticks. You can involve your children in this fun and creative project.


Planting: sunny, worked soil. The seeds cover 3-4 m2. Sow the seeds evenly. Keep the sowing wet until it comes out of the soil.

Timing: from April to June.

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More information

Ingredients: lacy phacelia, marigold, cornflower, dill, tickseed, california poppy, red poppy.

One packet is enough for 3-4 m2.

Environmental information


Recyclable paper bag. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

This seed mix helps replacing the food of bees that is reduced by human activity, and this way it contributes to preserving biodiversity and the pollination of plants.

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