Garden Birds - Window sticker packs

Garden Birds - Window sticker packsGarden Birds - Window sticker packs
Garden Birds - Window sticker packsGarden Birds - Window sticker packs

Window sticker set with bird figures, 6 different kinds of birds per set.

Excellent for teaching about birds to kids and adults alike.

Special stickers, that can be removed without glue residues!

Manufacturer: Birdlife Hungary
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 9 stickers/pack
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5-2 (Fieldfare... White wagtail)5-2 (Fieldfare... White wagtail)5-3 (Great spotted woodpecker… Eurasian tree sparrow)5-4 (Song thrush… Brambling)5-5 (Common linnet… Common house martin)
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Product description

Stickers with the most frequent birds of populated areas. You can individually stick the birds, one sticker is approximately 8 x 6 cm.

By buying these stickers you help the conservational works of the Hungarian Ornithological Society.

The sets contain:

5-2: Fieldfare, Common blackbird, Marsh tit, Eurasian blue tit, Yellowhammer, White wagtail

5-3: Great spotted woodpecker, Eurasian golden oriole, Black redstart, Barn swallow, Eurasian wryneck, Eurasian tree sparrow

5-4: Song thrush, Hawfinch, Eurasian blackcap, Great tit, Common starling, Brambling

5-5: Common linnet, European serin, Lesser whitethroat, House sparrow, Eurasian nuthatch, Common house martin

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic foil. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

It demonstrates everyday birds, thus helping environmental awareness.