B-type nest box

B-type nest boxB-type nest box

The most frequent type in artificial tree hole settles. Suitable for coal tit, tree sparrow, nuthatch, house sparrow, flycatcher and wryneck. It keeps out starling.

Handcrafted product made by disabled people.

The roof can be opened.

Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Outside size: cc. 20 x 20 cm base, 32 cm height.

Entrance hole: Ø 32 mm diameter, min. 20 cm from the bottom.

Inside: min. 12,5 x 12,5 cm

Placing: Hang it up to 2 - 8 m, or attach on the tree trunk.

Part of our birds are breeding in tree holes that are created naturally, or by woodpeckers in the branches or trunk of trees. The amount of older trees suitable for tree hole nesting are decreasing nowdays, and that is a big environmental issue.

Due to the fregmentation of forests containing older trees, the number of tree hole making woodpecker species are dropping in towns and near them. This way our most frequent birds that breed in tree holes: tits, sparrows and starlings are decreasing too in villages and cities.

Fortunately there is a way to compensate this: with artificial nest boxes. Depending on the species you want to settle, you should choose a nest box adapted to the needs and size of the bird species.

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

These products in protection of birds help to to compensate the decreasing natural territory and sources of nutrition of birds caused by human activity, so they promote the conversation of biodiversity.

Nest box
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