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Aromax Helen aroma manufactory MediNatural
EU Hungary
Eco labels
Made in Hungary Not tested on animals Palm oil free Vegan Zero packaging

Make your home smell amazing without any synthetic ingredients and greenhouse gas propellants!

Get rid of moth in your wardrobe by putting a bouquet of lavender beside the clothes!

In case of illness, freshen the air in the room with a spray containing antimicrobal essential oils!

Select your favourite essential oil combinations and evaporate them from a decorative, artisan aroma lamp made by disabled people!

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Ceramic essential oil diffuserCeramic essential oil diffuser
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€9,8 €9,8/pc(s)
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Lavender from TihanyLavender from Tihany
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€2,3 €2,3/pc(s)
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Medinatural Geranium SprayMedinatural Geranium Spray
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€5,9 €5,9/pc(s)
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Reed Essential Oil DiffuserReed Essential Oil Diffuser
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€10,5 €10,5/pc(s)
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