Salt from Parajd

Salt from ParajdSalt from Parajd

Natural ground salt.

Sorted by hand. Excellent quality, small crystals.

Doesn't contain any additives!

Made in: Romania
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Product description

Additive-free, natural salt from 300 m deep.

Potassium-free salt from the underground mine of Parajd.



Table salt: 99% NaCl, 1% natural minerals - 0-2 mm sized particles.


Table salt: 97% NaCl 3% natural minerals - 0-2 mm sized particles.

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More information

Chemical compound - "white":


NaCl 98,70%
CaCl2 0,13%
CaSo4 0,10%
MgCl2 0,028%
Fe2O3 0,0056%
H2O 0,10%
Egyéb (Zn, Cu, NH4, NO2, NO3) 0,94%


Chemical compound - "grey":


NaCl 97,00%
CaCl2 0,32%
CaSo4 0,24%
MgCl2 0,065%
Fe2O3 0,013%
H2O 0,10%
Egyéb (Zn, Cu, NH4, NO2, NO3) 2,25%

Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic bag. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Additive-free natural salt.