Baking soda - food quality

Baking soda - food qualityBaking soda - food quality

One of the best-known natural kitchen staples. Also known as sodium bicarbonate.

Great in cakes and cookies or relieving digestive problems.

Manufacturer: Zöldbolt
Made in: Italy
Packaging: 500 g
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Product description


- Great for relieving heartburn (0.5 teaspoon of baking soda solved in a glass of water)
- You can use it when baking cakes and cookies.
- If you add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to the water, it reduces the cooking time of legumes (peas, beens, lentils).

Warning! Overuse can result in digestive issues!

Besides food purposes, sodium bicarbonate is one of the most multi-faceted household cleaner!
Other tips for using sodium bicarbonate:
1. For grease stains, pour boiling water on the stain, then sprinkle dry sodium bicarbonate, and scrub it off. 

2. Fresh grease stains can be wiped off from leather with baking soda solution, then blot the excess water with several layers of paper towels.
3. Remove burnt food scraps by boiling water in the dish with a little sodium bicarbonate. After it cooled down you can easily wash the dish. 

4. Coffee and tea stains can be removed with sodium bicarbonate sprinkled on a wet sponge. 

5. You can also use sodium bicarbonate on stainless steel dishes. 

6. Stubborn stains on tiles can be removed with sodium bicarbonate scattered on a wet rag.

7. Use sodium bicarbonate solution for cleaning your fridge. Eliminate bad odours by putting a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge.

8. Make a paste with water and sodium bicarbonate for cleaning your oven, and apply when it's hot. After it dried, brush it out with water. Lastly, wipe it out with the mix of a cup of water and a heaped tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate.

9.  In the bathroom, sprinkle surfaces with sodium bicarbonate, and brush it off with boiling water. 

10. Scatter sodium bicarbonate in the toilet and brush it.

11. Wash your feet with the mix of 2-3 liters of warm water and 1 cup of sodium bicarbonate to eliminate bad odours and reduce sweating. 

12. Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent deodorant. Wipe your wet skin after showering with a cloth sprinkled with sodium bicarbonate, or make aDIY cream deodorant with it!
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More information

Ingredients: 100% sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Environmental information


Recyclable paper bag. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

One of the best-known natural kitchen staples, great for baking or relieving digestive problems. Besides food purposes, sodium bicarbonate is one of the most versatile natural and biodegradable household cleaners, which is an alternative to a lot of harmful chemicals.