Tomka és Leányai bio sour cherry juice - 3 liter

Tomka és Leányai bio sour cherry juice - 3 literTomka és Leányai bio sour cherry juice - 3 liter

The juice is made of 100% sour cherry.

The powerful sour taste of the cherries. No added water, sugar, or preservatives.

From a family farm in Somogy county, Hungary.

Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 3 liter
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Product description

The juice is pressed from healthy, fresh fruits after washing and grinding. Then after a short settling, it is lightly pastured, and packaged. The juice preserves all the natural materials and vitamins that the fresh fruit contained. The package is airtight, so it provides a long shelf life. It is in a practical package with a tap (bag-in-box).

Once opened, the juice should be stored in the fridge and consumed within a month.



Certified organic farming.


About the family farm, where this juice is produced:

The juices are produced by Anna Tomka and her two daughters. The family grows BIO certified fruits and vegetables in Szenna, Somogy country on a 6-hectar-farm. They get inspiration from their ancestors, and try to use every part of their produce. The pulp after juice-making is used to make cereal bars, the sour cherry seed are cleaned and filled into pillows.

Dimensions of the box:

Width: 18 cm
Height: 22 cm
Depth: 12 cm

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More information

Ingredients: 100% organic sour cherry juice.

Produced and distributed by: Anna Tomka Address:7477, Szenna, Külterület 0158/5

Shake well before every use!

Environmental information


Recyclable paper cardboard, and plastic foil. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, healthy juice produced in an organic family farm in Hungary.