Biofaktura Organic Beetroot-Apple Juice

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Biofaktura Organic Beetroot-Apple JuiceBiofaktura Organic Beetroot-Apple Juice

50% Organic beetroot juice, 50% organic apple juice, 0% artificial additives.

No added water, sugar or preservatives.

From a family farm in Szabolcs county, Hungary.

Manufacturer: Biofaktura
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 3 liter
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Product description

Did you know that beetroots were used by folk medicine in various ways to prevent colds and other illnesess?

It strengthens the immune system, and is high in antioxidants for example vitamin A, B and C. It contains minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, sulfur and magnesium, which helps the muscles and overall physical endurance.

The well-known red color, betanin in beetroot reduces the risk of tumors. Regular consumption of beetroot juice helps improves overall health, especially digestive issues. Beetroot helps cleansing the body, and break down fat stored in the liver. This makes it a perfect companion for dieting. Beetroot is also beneficial for pregnant women, because it contains folic acid, that is very important for the fetus.

How this juice is made:

The beetroot and the apple used for this organic juice are grown in Szabolcs county, Hungary, on the family farm of the Hámori's. They harvest it and press the juice from it.

1. The beetroot and the apple used are certified and high-quality.
2. After washing, the beetroots and apples are grinded and pressed.
3. The fresh juice then settles and clarified.
4. The organic juice is pasteurized on 80°C, which is the most gentle way to preserve.
5. The organic beetroot-apple juice is packed warm in the bag-in-box airless package.

The organic beetroot-apple juice doesn't contain any artificial additives, preservatives or sugar.

How long can you drink it?

The organic juice can be stored for 6 months unopened, but once opened it has to be refrigerated and used within a month.

About the family farm, where this juice is produced:

"Our family farm is located in the northeast of Hungary, that is famous for its fruit production, with appropriate soil and climate.

On the 23 hectare agricultural land, there is 2.5 ha sour cherry, apricot, 0.5 ha pear and 16 ha apple plantation, the remaining is plough land and forest. Besides these we grow a small portion of vegetables, beetroots, carrots, tomatoes, that are the base of the vegetable juices. All the land is certified organic farming, and Biokontroll  Hungária Nonprofit Kft. certifies the products.

Every member of the family works in the business.  The son, Árpád is the head of the processing, Andrea cares for the orchard, the head of the family runs the business, and the mother keeps the books.

Our juices are sold mainly in Hungary, and we export a smaller amount to Sweden and the Netherlands. At the moment we are organizing export to Taiwan."


Certified organic farming.

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More information

Manufacturer: Hámori Árpád. Address: 4462 Tiszanagyfalu- Virányos Petőfi út 7-11.

Distributor: Hámori Árpád. Address: 4462 Tiszanagyfalu- Virányos Petőfi út 7-11.

Shake well before use!

Nutritional facts in 100 g:

Energy: 51 kcal / 214 kJ
Carbohydrates: 11 g
- of which sugar: 9,1 g
Fat: <0,5 g
- of which saturated fat: <0,1 g
Fibre: 1,3 g
Protein: 0,8 g
Salt: < 0,01 g

Ingredients: 50% organic beetroot juice, 50% organic apple juice

Environmental information


Recyclable paper cardboard, and plastic foil. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Natural, healthy juice produced in an organic family farm.