Go Green Thermostat Radiator Valve

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Go Green Thermostat Radiator ValveGo Green Thermostat Radiator Valve

This thermostat can be programmed to tune different temperature in individual rooms. You can tune in 4 temperatures and 4 energy efficient times.

Manufacturer: Go Green
Made in: China
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Product description

Can be tuned to 8 different times, for 2 temperatures (heating, energy efficient). Easy to change the old radiator valve and put this on, without any big interventions.

System needs:

  • 2 pc. AA type battery
  • Radiator valve: Heimeier, Junkers Landys + Gyr, MNG, Honeywell, Braukmann.
  • M30 thermostate (30 mm diameter)


  • Programmable radiator thermostat
  • Instruction manual
  • Plug 3 pc adapter


  • Saves 30% heating enegy
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Open window recognition
  • Descaling weekly
  • Automatic summer and winter program
  • Children's protection

 Save yearly up to:

  • € 28,50
  • 46m3 gas
  • 82 kg CO2

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More information
Plug mini USB
Accessory adapter
Guarantee 1 év
Energy saved per year (m3) 46
Certificate CE
Color fehér
Materials PVC
Width (mm) 50
Heigth (mm) 60
Long (mm) 75
Life time 5 év









Environmental information


Recyclable paper box. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Helps saving heating energy and reducing carbon footprint.

Save Heat and Save the Planet!

Save Heat and Save the Planet!

Energy upgrades don’t need to be expensive and fussy! No worries if you don’t have the money, time or chance at the moment to insulate your home, there are several cheap and easy tricks that can help you save on heating this winter!