Rolser Shopping Trolley Eco Pep Convert RG

Rolser Shopping Trolley Eco Pep Convert RGRolser Shopping Trolley Eco Pep Convert RG

No need for a car when grocery shopping, this trolley will help you!

100% recycled bag.

High quality materials, 3 year guarantee!

Manufacturer: Rolser
Made in: Spain
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Product description

The colors that are on stock are shipped as usual, the ones that are only available by request will have an additional 1 week delivery time.

You don't have to use the car for grocery shopping, try these modern, high-quality, practical trolleys instead.

Spanish design, beautiful colors, great materials. We recommend Rolser trolleys for all age groups, as anyone can struggle with heavy weights.

Elegant and simple style, classic design, exclusive quality.

Durable, strong structure, high capacity.
Lightweight and waterproof.
The bag can be washed turned inside out on 30°C. 
Inside pocket with zippers.

The bag is made of 100% recycled materials: polyester fibers made of recycled cotton and PET bottles.

Capacity: 39 literes
Average, everyday load: 20 kg     Maximum load: 50kg
Weigth: 1,92 kg

Dimensions of the trolley:

height - 104 cm, width - 41cm, depth - 32,5cm

Dimensions of of the bag:
height -65cm, width - 33cm, depth - 19cm

3 year guarantee!

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Environmental information


Recyclable PE plastic foil. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

It helps carrying heavy objects, so you can avoid using your car, and use less plastic bags. The bag of trolley is made of 100% recycled materials.