Canvas Gym Bag

Canvas Gym BagCanvas Gym Bag

Use can use this small backpack as a gym bag or for any other purpose.

Can be decorated and tinted with fabric paint, to create a unique present!

Plain, without any tags.

Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Canvas is a great choice for a gym bag because the clothes can breath, and evaporate any moisture.

Cotton canvas is an unprocessed, natural material, that can shrink when you first wash it. It shrinks approximately 10% which depends on the temperature of the water. We recommend you to only wash it in 30-40 °C water, so the fabric won't shrink any further.

Size: 36x45 cm

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

Natural, plant based, biodegradable product made of cotton linen. It saves huge amounts of plastic waste if you use this instead of disposable plastic bags.