Stadelmann's Insect Bite Oil

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Stadelmann's Insect Bite OilStadelmann's Insect Bite Oil

Anti-inflammatory, pain easing, calming effect not only for insect bites.

Pour a drop on the bite, to sooth the pain, and prevent swelling and redness.

Made in: Germany
Packaging: 5 ml
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Product description

Ingeborg Stadelmann's recommendation:

As always, it is important to allow the nose of the afflicted person to take part in the decision. If the blend is found to be too harsh, by all means  mix it with lavender extra or dilute it with a fatty vegetable oil such as aloe vera. If you haven't got any fatty vegetable oil on hand, use salad oil; of which olive oil is the best. For such injuries you can always use Rose-Tea Tree Essence.


citronella, extra lavender, thyme, Cymbopogon flexuosus, tea tree

You can read the detailed, full description, use and other tips about the blends in the book of Ingeborg Stadelmann: 'Original Stadelmann Aroma Blends: Essential Oils for Living, Giving Birth, Dying'. The blends are made of compeltely natural ingredients, and the essential oils come from certified organic farming.

The product has Hungarian label.

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Environmental information


Reusable and recyclable glass. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

All-natural, aromatherapy product made of plants. All used essential oils come from certified organic farming.