Emilla Reusable Nursing Pads

Emilla Reusable Nursing PadsEmilla Reusable Nursing Pads
Emilla Reusable Nursing PadsEmilla Reusable Nursing Pads

These nursing pads come with fun patterns and different sizing and absorbency to fit all needs.

Thinner breathable and thicker waterproof editions are available in different sizes!

A comfortable zero waste solution for breastfeeding moms! :)

Manufacturer: Emilla
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 1 pair (2 pcs)
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Day L (Thinner, larger) - 2 pcsDay S (Thinner, smaller) - 2 pcsNight L (Thicker, larger) - 2 pcsNight S (Thicker, smaller) - 2 pcs
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Product description

The Emilla bra pads come in 4 different editions, to fit all needs and situations:

Day S:
Material: 100% cotton/bamboo (no waterproof layer).
Size: ~8 cm diameter

Day L:
Material: 100% cotton/bamboo (no waterproof layer).
Size: ~10 cm diameter

Night S:
Material: 100% cotton/bamboo and waterproof layer (PES/TPU).
Size: ~8 cm diameter

Night L:
Material: 100% cotton/bamboo and waterproof layer (PES/TPU).
 ~10 cm diameter

How to choosse?

The Day pads have a smaller absorbency, without any waterproof layer, but they are also more breathable. Those in need of larger protection has to change these more frequently.

The Night editions are thicker, have larger absorbency, and a waterproof layer as well. You don't need to change it so frequently. 

About the material:

They are mostly made of cotton. The upper part that touches the skin is cotton jersey (that won't harden and scratch after several washing) and/or bamboo velour (that's also soft and has good absorbency).

Inside there is an absorbent layer of cotton.

On the back of the Night versions there is a waterproof layer made of PES+TPU.

Additional good news: The materials are made in a Zero Waste mindset as well, because they are made of the fabric remaining after cutting the Emilla pads.

Washing instructions:

Due to its small size we recommend using a washing bag.
Wash on 40°C, with natural detergents.

When ordering online, we will always send you from a variety of constantly changing "surprise" patterns. If you come to our shops you can choose the one you like most from the current stock.

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Environmental information
Package free product.
Envrionmental advantages:
Zero waste product that helps cutting waste while breastfeeding. A reusable alternative of disposable nursing pads.
Reusable, washable, Bra pad
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