iecologic Crystal deodorant

iecologic Crystal deodorantiecologic Crystal deodorant

Natural salt crystal that protects from odours for 24 hours, eliminating all the bacteria that create smell.

- Aluminium chlorhydrate free
- Aluminium zirconium free
- Phthalate free
- Paraben free
- Alkohol free
- Illat free

Made in: EU
Packaging: 60 g
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Product description

Iecologic crystal deodorant is 100% alum. It is free from aluminium clorhydrate and aluminium zirconium. These are the aluminums that can be harmful.

Alum is a material made of natural mineral salts, that has bigger molecules than what the skin can absorb. It creates a protecting layer on the skin, so it prevents the spread of bacteria that create odours.

It doesn't clog the pores, so it isn't anti-perspirant. Perspiration is the most natural detoxifing process.

Won't stain clothes. Hypoallergenic.

Application: Water the crystal a little bit, than apply on your armpits. Also ideal as a styptic and as after shave.

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More information

Ingredients (INCI): 100% potassium alum (natural salt crystal, alum)

Environmental information


Reusable and recyclable PVC plastic. Please recycle separately!

Environmental advantages:

Natural ingredient, fragnance and mineral oil free deodorant.

For men, For women, Unscented