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You can find shampoo for every hair type without any harsh chemicals! For sensitive scalp, we recommend our SLS-free shampoos. Discard the plastic bottles in your bathroom, use shampoo bars or soapnut powder for washing your hair!

Our hair balms and oils nourish your hair and make it easier to comb! You can make cherishing hair masks with 100% plant based hair conditioner powders from India.

If you want to color your hair, but also steer clear of harmful ingredients, we offer plant based coloring powders! You can mix the preferred shade with henna and indigo, or buy ready-made ones too!

For more information read our article: Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

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Amla powder (natural) - 100 gAmla powder (natural) - 100 g
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Cassia Obovata powder - 250 gCassia Obovata powder - 250 g
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€3,3 €3,3/pc(s)
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PopularHenna powder (natural)Henna powder (natural)
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€7,0 €7,0/pc(s)
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PopularIndigo powder (natural) - 250 gIndigo powder (natural) - 250 g
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€4,2 €4,2/pc(s)
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Khadi Herbal Hair Colour PowderKhadi Herbal Hair Colour Powder
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